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Info on Voyageur North's Rental Watercraft

Solo Canoes:

The Alumacraft 15’ is an aluminum solo canoe that can hold up to 652 pounds and weighs 56 pounds.

The Penobscot 15’ is an Old Town Royalex solo canoe that can hold up to 625 pounds with a weight of only 49 pounds. The Penobscot features Old Town’s unique adjustable center seat/carry system.

The Wenonah Prism Weighing in at 34 pounds, the Prism is 16.5’ long and has a center depth of 13” and a gunwale width of 26”. It has the stability needed by beginners, the efficiency expected by experts, and the volume needed for tripping.

The 17’ Wenonah Encounter (38#) was created for long, solo expeditions with ample gear. It tracks straight & is roomy enough for large people and buoyant enough for heavy loads, the Encounter is a specially engineered craft. But it's engineered for comfort, too - with the standard sliding bucket seat and foot braces, you can easily adjust the canoe to fit you and your load.

Souris River Quetico 16 Solo - the Quetico Kevlar 16 tandem that has been so popular now has a solo version. It is only 39 pounds, and 16’2”. Basically, the same dimensions as the original but Souris River has removed a seat and placed the solo seat more towards the middle. The original was used often as a solo and this model should be even better!

The Canak by Wenonah - with a hull shape similar to that of our most popular solo canoe the Prism, the new Wenonah Canak is great for solo lake camping when the capacity and portability of a canoe is needed, and the touring ability of a kayak is desired.  The one-of-a-kind bow and stern storage compartments are spacious and more accessible than a standard kayak hatch for easy loading and unloading of canoe camping sized packs (rectangular packs up to 5500 cubic inches fit in the bow and 7000 cubic inches fit in the stern).  The floor mounted sliding seat and adjustable kayak style foot braces make this boat as comfortable as any large cockpit kayak.

Bell Magic (Northstar) - Quiet, fast, and seaworthy, the Magic flows across open waters, slicing through wind and waves.  28 lbs., 29” max width, 16’ Kevlar Starlite material (28#)

Solo Northwind Bell (Northstar) – A solo canoe is good for the soul.  Remarkably maneuverable, yet reassuringly stable.  Bring your dog and share the adventure.  15’6” long, & 28” max width. Kevlar Starlite material (28#)

Solo Wenonah Basswood
  a stable, lightweight tripping canoe that’s ready to outfit with your favorite Fishing accessories.  Standard VersiGunwales are compatible with a wide range of rod holders, fish finder mounts and kayak fishing accessories.  The Basswood’s high volume and hull is comfortable for large loads and landing big fish solo. 15’7” long & 31.2” max width. Kevlar material (34#)


The Kodiak 17’ Kayak is fast and secure. It has very spacious seating hatch which is especially interesting for larger paddlers. 62 lbs., Poly material.

Whistler 14’6” Kayak, a great option for paddlers wanting to paddle solo in a seaworthy transitional designed kayak.  Stable & user friendly, 57 lbs. Poly material

Tandem Canoes (2 person):

The Voyageur 17’ Ultralight by Alumacraft is just 56 pounds. This canoe is the best compromise, it has great balance and is very lightweight. The yoke is positioned in the middle of the canoe’s weight so perfectly that it portages as well as most Kevlar canoes. The outside cruising keel makes it very stable for fishing and bad weather. The lower profile makes it easy to paddle in the wind.

The Penobscot 16’ - is a versatile Old Town Royalex canoe that holds up to 860 pounds in its 16’2” frame. With a weight of 58 pounds, the Penobscot 16 is a fine tandem canoe and can even be equipped with a center seat for solo performance or for taking on an extra passenger. Its straight-on speed, handling ease, and capacity are exactly what an all-around performance canoe should be.

The Penobscot 17’ - is the premier Old Town Royalex design for paddling ease and quickness; the muscle to handle 1,100 pounds of paddlers and gear. Yet, the Penobscot 17 weighs in at an easily transportable 65 pounds. With a width of 35” and a depth of 14.5”, you’ll enjoy the comfort and paddling ease of this high-performance tandem canoe.

The Wenonah Spirit II - The Spirit II is 17’ long, which is a good compromise between the performance of a longer hull and maneuverability of a short one. It is safe and roomy, with enough capacity for medium-heavy trips. Carry 2 large people; it draws just 3”, leaving lots of reserve free board and volume. Kevlar is 42 pounds, and the ABS is 69 pounds. This design is our choice for fly in trips and nests inside an 18’ Champlain for there is just one external load on a float plane.

The 18-foot Wenonah Champlain - is a very large, all-purpose model. Width is 36.5 inches and Itasca center depth of 13.5 inches. This is Wenonah’s largest tandem except for the Itasca. It has excellent stability due to its size and shallow-arched hull. It has a little more volume than the Minnesota II. This canoe allows the Spirit II to nest inside for fly in trips.

Wenonah Boundary Waters – 17’ length, 41 pounds Kevlar.  This new touring canoe offers a unique blend of excellent stability & easy paddling. Extra fullness throughout the middle gives this canoe extra capacity. The bow & stern height are kept low to catch less wind. Use it by yourself, with the family, or to take it through waves with confidence. Fishermen and families alike will appreciate its extra stability & surprising capacity for a 17-foot canoe. With this great capacity, this canoe will be well suited for an afternoon paddle or a two-week trip. A very versatile canoe!

NEW Wenonah Basswood – 17’ length and weighs 46 pounds.  Its about 12.5” deep and has a flatter bottom.  The bow is roomier than a Boundary Waters and the stern seat is wider.  The seats are mounted higher in the boat than most of Wenonah’s others.  These include the Versigunwale, which lets people mount rod holders directly to the gunwale.

The Wenonah Minnesota II - Our Ultra-light version weighs just 42 pounds and is 18.5 feet long. It will hold two people with heavy gear and still cope well with lake waves. Its superb performance and straight tracking also make the Minnesota II ideal to paddle lightly loaded merely for the enjoyment of traveling swiftly.  

The Souris River Quetico 16  - at 16.2 ft long and only 42# is new from Souris Canoes. Novice and experienced paddlers alike will love this canoe. It was designed to be very stable and track straight. This canoe is good for fishing, day trips and even for trips taken for two weeks. Another unexpected discovery we made during our testing of this design is that it is an exceptional solo canoe. It is extremely versatile and does many things well. 

Northwind 17’6” (Bell/Northstar) - Their most popular tandem tripper. Remarkably maneuverable, yet reassuringly stable. Known to be the most seaworthy, yet fastest, canoe available. When other canoes are wind-bound you’ll enjoy the thrill of playing in the waves.  17’6” long, 41 lbs., 36” max width. Kevlar Starlite material.

3-Person Canoes:

The Alumacraft Quetico 18.5’ - is a lightweight 70-pound canoe that has been used as a three-person canoe ever since it was made. With its outside keel, it is very stable. It is also good for hauling big loads for long periods of time.

The Wenonah Minnesota III - is a Kevlar Ultra-Light 20 feet long, 49 pounds. Wenonah designed the Minnesota 3 to carry three people, to be paddled by three, and to hold gear for three. It is also good for trips that include a third person that won’t be paddling. The Minnesota III has a sliding bow seat, and two fixed stern seats. The middle seat is aft of center to give its occupant a good paddle reach, and so the seat doesn’t hinder mounting a yoke in the center.  The middle web seat is also capable of holding two small children, one next to the other.

The Souris River Quetico 18.5 - After the great success of the Quetico 17, new for 2000, Souris River had decided to come out with an even larger volume boat. This boat tracks and turns well, handles large waves plus carries large loads for extended trips or if a third person in added.  We carry this canoe Kevlar (49#).

Northwind 18’9” (Bell/Northstar) Sometimes more is better. The Northwind 18 offers the same stability as our flagship Northwind 17, but the additional space provides a little more comfort for a third member of the group or the family dog. There’s no need to debate bringing the Dutch oven and camp chairs. The Northwind 18 is ready to haul your gear.  18”9” long, 44 lbs., 36 max width. Kevlar Starlite material.

Wenonah Seneca - their second model specifically designed for three paddlers. The Seneca is highly maneuverable, while maintaining great initial stability and freeboard. The increased initial stability makes the Seneca a solid hook-setting platform for three aggressive anglers. Serving as an alternative to the tag along solo canoe, the Seneca is designed with that extra camper in mind. Length is 19’4”, weight is 55 lbs., width is 38”, bow & stern depth is 22”, center depth is 14”

B19 by Northstar (Bell) – 3 person The B 19 can carry a family (2 adults, 2 kids & a dog), three adult males with gear, or two NFL lineman and a moose. It’s a big canoe with a ton of capacity (actually a half-ton) that handles like a smaller boat. Trust it to take your family across a big wind-swept lake and then down a meandering creek, it will handle both with ease.

4-Person Canoes:

The Minnesota IV - is 23 feet long, 35 inches wide, and weighs 62 pounds. The longer a canoe is, the faster it is and this canoe will fly across the lakes! It is faster, more stable and the largest capacity canoe used in the BWCAW & Quetico. It has four seats, the two center seats are web seats, and the end ones are sliding bucket seats. This is a great canoe for a family of four, a true Voyageur canoe!

Northwind 20’5” (Bell/Northstar) - The Northwind 20 is designed to create life-long memories. Expertly rigged with three or four seats, this canoe will carry a family and their gear on an epic wilderness adventure. No one will forget how fast and agile the Northwind 20 handles.  20’5” long, 48 lbs., 36 max width.  Kevlar Starlite material.