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Group Expeditions

An expedition through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a great activity for scouts, church groups, even your employees. We have the logistics to help you plan and carry out a successful trip. Both the Boundary Waters and Quetico Provincial Park limit parties to nine persons. If there are more than nine people in your group, we can arrange separate expeditions for groups of nine or fewer. 

Below you will find our rates.  If you choose complete outfitting, you will only need to bring your personal items.  We were the only outfitter to be selected by the Harvard Students Agency "Let's Go USA", a budget guide to travel in the United States.

We are sure you will be pleased with our equipment and service.  Each item is carefully selected to meet the demands of the canoe trail, for ease of use and to give you a maximum in comfort.  Our food provisions are packed in compliance with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness regulations and should satisfy even the hungriest of appetites.

We can help you plan a trip that will fit your time schedule and meet your demands for a true wilderness experience.  When you arrive, we can mark some of the better fishing spots on your map.  Our Bait & Tackle Shop carries a complete line of BWCAW proven tackle and live bait to help insure your fishing success.

A Wilderness Canoe Trip

A wilderness canoe trip is your chance to get away from the monotonous everyday routine.  It is your chance to paddle the crystal clear northern lakes and explore secluded bays or high rock cliffs.  Then as the day draws to a close, you can rest by the shore of a quiet lake reliving the day's experiences or simply of the evening campfire.

A canoe trip can be many things.  It can be just a few days, it can be a week or two, or you can spend all summer in Canoe Country.  A canoe trip can cover many miles seeing new country every day or you can spend your entire trip on that special lake casting the bays and shoreline for delicious walleyes, fighting smallmouth, or the great northern pike.  Yes, your trip can be all of these, but one thing is for sure, a wilderness canoe trip is "the experience of your life at a price you can afford".

Do you need to be experienced?  No.  The atmosphere, equipment and situation are under control quite soon.  Some find they can never get enough of it.  Guides are available and can add greatly to the success of your trip, but are not really necessary.

What is the best time of the year for our trip?  Fishing is best from opening day 'till the end of June and then again in September.  July & August have the best weather, while September and October bring the brilliant colors and cool air.

Wilderness Travel Permits

In order to travel in the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park it is necessary to obtain a travel permit.  If you select Voyageur North Outfitters to serve your outfitting needs, we will be pleased to obtain your permits for you. Permits require two names; party leader and alternate leader, a starting date and entry points.  If you haven't selected an entry point, feel free to call and discuss possible routes with us.

Trip Orienteering

We will be happy to help you with orienteering your group with the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park regulations, camping information, gear set up tips, cooking tips, and fishing information.

Our Video

Perhaps your group would like to see just what the Boundary Waters is like.  Our DVD shows actual footage of the wilderness along with the regulations that are to be followed for the parks.  The Forest Service requires all parties that enter the Boundary Waters to view the regulations on DVD before they can enter the park.  Just write, call or email us and we will be happy to send you a copy.

Recommended By

The Italian magazine "Airone", recommended us as their number one Boundary Waters and Quetico Park outfitter.  Boy Scout Troop 250 from Mooresville, Indiana awarded us their certificate of appreciation for our outfitting services of their canoe trip.  The head supervisor of the Duluth, Minnesota Forest Service office chose our services for his canoe trip.

Bunkhouse Facilities 

Bunkhouse units are available on our premises.  Each unit has single beds, refrigerator, color TV, A/C, bathroom and fresh bedding on each bed.  We have 6 units that hold 8-9 people, 3 units that hold 12-14 people and 2 units that can hold 20+ people.

Reservations must be made early as space is limited.

Nearby Attractions

There are several attractions within walking distance of our outfitters to take your group to see.  The Ely Chamber of Commerce, the Dorothy Molter Museum (the Root Beer Lady of the BWCAW), the Vermilion-Ely Interpretive Museum, the International Wolf Center and the Forest Service Ranger Station are all within a five minute walk from us.  The North American Bear Center is in Ely and only a five minute drive.  There are also several good inexpensive restaurants and fast food establishments close by.

Outfitting packages: Non-Profit Group Rates*

*(tax exempt form required)

For package descriptions, please refer to our outfitting service menu:

  • Voyageur Ultralight Gold Package:  $74.00 day/person*
  • Voyageur Ultimate Platinum Package:  $84.00 day/person*
  • Deluxe Fishing Complete Package:  $415.00 person/5 days*
  • Canoe & Food Partial Pkg:  $63.00 day/person*
  • Canoe & Gear Partial Pkg:  $57.00 day/person*


  • Discount for downgrade to Aluminum canoe $10.00 off per day/person
  • Discount for own tents $2.50 off per day/person
  • Discount for own sl. bag $1.50 off per day/person
  • Bunkhouse (with rental) $21.50 per person/night
  • Partial Rentals =15% off regular rates

Transportation to nearby lakes may be included. 

Transportation fees to waters in outlying areas are based on time and distance.

For completely outfitted Gold, Fishing or Platinum packages there are 3 possible additional bonuses:

  • If your trip is 5 or more days & 9 or more people you can get the FREE rental of a Satellite Phone (minutes used extra) which works though out the Boundary Waters Area or the use of a Satellite Spot. (depending on availability)
  • If you have more than 17 people in your group, one person will be free.
  • If you have 27+ people in your group you get one FREE night in our private Bunk House accommodations.*
  • For Fishing and Platinum packages only: trips 5 or more days will get 1 FREE night in our Bunk House.*

(* maximum of 1 free night in bunk house)