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Voyageur North Reservation Policy
All reservations must be accompanied by a $60 deposit per person. We will accept checks, money orders, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. A full refund of deposit less a $45 service fee upon 45 days' notice of cancelation of trip. A deposit of one day's rental (minimum of $20) is required on all partial outfitting.
Maximum discount is 15%.

Boundary Waters Entry Permit Procedure
Before you begin your voyage in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, you'll need an entry permit from the National Forest Service. Up to nine persons can travel together on one permit. *We will take care of getting your permit if you wish.
(*We are a Cooperator with the USDA Forest Service under the Superior National Forest.  We issue permits into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), part ot the National Wilderness Preservation System. As a Cooperator with the Forest Service, we are an equal opportunity service-provider.)

The Forest Service changed their permit application procedures in 2019. The Forest Service will accept  MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit cards for permit fee payment. We have an $10 service fee for each applications we make for you or if you'd like to make your own permit you can visit their website at When we apply for a permit on your behalf, Voyageur North will charge your credit card $48.00: $10 non-refundable application fee + a non-refundable $6 reservation fee and a $32 user fee deposit per permit.  We will have your permit waiting for you when you arrive to be outfitted. 
If there are more than two people in your party, the Forest Service will charge an additional $16 per adult or $8 per child under 18 when you pick up your BWCAW entry permit from us.

Quetico Provincial Park Entry Permit Procedure
Travel through the Quetico requires a permit from the Province of Ontario. Up to nine persons can travel together on one permit. We will take care of getting your permit if you wish.  
All Quetico travelers must have a passport and a valid driver’s license! Plus, all kids must have a notarized letter from Parent not going on trip!!!

The Quetico permit reservation fee is $11 per party plus minimum 1 person nightly camping fees and must be paid to the Province of Ontario using a MasterCard or Visa credit card. We add an $10 application fee to your Voyageur North bill for any permit application we make for your group ($21 in fees is non-refundable) and the Quetico charges a minimum $8.50 cancelation fee on camping fees depending on when you cancel your permit. 

If you'll be crossing into the Quetico from the BWCAW at Prairie Portage or Cache Bay you'll need a Remote Access Border Crossing (RABC) permit. We have copies of the RABC forms that we can send  to you (or click on the RABC link above) or you can get one yourself and submit it. You must complete them and mail or email them to the Canadian Immigration office. The fee for a RABC permit is C$30.00 (about US$28) for a family (husband, wife, and kids under 22) or an individual. RABC permits must be acquired well ahead of time.

All prices are valid for the 2024 season and subject to change without notice.